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It is nearly impossible to turn down biscuits and gravy. Unless you are vegetarian, vegan, celiac, lactose intolerant, kosher, or have even a modicum of appreciation for or understanding of your basic human health. But they're really, REALLY good! Today we're looking at two versions: one super-simple, ready in under 30 min, and the other a bit more complicated, but worth the effort!
Recipe: basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/biscuits-and-gravy
Music by Chillhop: chillhop.com/listen
Blue Wednesday - Apple Pies & Butterflies
Listen on Spotify: bit.ly/ChillhopSpotify
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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The Sempai Guys
The Sempai Guys پیش 11 ساعت
Not gonna lie: Whataburger's look better.
channelhismojo پیش 17 ساعت
Why kosher salt? And on pork???
Colby پیش 19 ساعت
every southern grandma would like to speak to you about these ''best'' biscuits. lol
toaka 556
toaka 556 پیش روز
do british websites use biscuits? i laughed way too much on this joke 😂😂😂
Gutter Bear
Gutter Bear پیش 2 روز
Yeeessss! He got his attention!
Liam James
Liam James پیش 2 روز
The thin hollandaise in the intro gets to me everytime
Damion Whitehead
Damion Whitehead پیش 5 روز
As someone raised in TN, you made an excellent sausage gravy, but WTH are those things you call biscuits?
nikip پیش 6 روز
Delicious 😋
Luigi Gorre
Luigi Gorre پیش 7 روز
Levi Witt
Levi Witt پیش 8 روز
Paper Plains
Paper Plains پیش 8 روز
It's clear you're not from the south. And if you are...who hurt you? 😂
Vallejo c a ca
Vallejo c a ca پیش 9 روز
Bacon grease for the grave. you did it wrong
Corksucker پیش 9 روز
SOS for the win
Arie Huybregts
Arie Huybregts پیش 9 روز
There's something I find existentially horrifying about making gravy with milk
The Doctor wears a mask and you should too
As a British person, the phrase 'biscuits and gravy' conjures up images of Digestives in Bisto.
Metal Gaming Crow
Metal Gaming Crow پیش 11 روز
Eric Jurgeson
Eric Jurgeson پیش 12 روز
Heh. Up to speck.
Ethanleeut پیش 12 روز
Are you meals like this everyday?
Write Gamer
Write Gamer پیش 13 روز
08:47 The Breakfast Sloppy Joe.
fearsomezq پیش 13 روز
If you've never had biscuits and gravy you're missing out on a slice of inner peace.
Yung Brain Dxmage
Yung Brain Dxmage پیش 14 روز
What about chocolate gravy🤔
Zastras پیش 14 روز
Everyone: THEY SHOULD FIGHT me who's fan of both: a collab would be cool
Adam Bathe
Adam Bathe پیش 15 روز
First recipe I was disappointed with. Those biscuits looks like pucks and hard tack. Overworked em both times.
Jimmy Ashtray
Jimmy Ashtray پیش 15 روز
Ryann's Creep Show
Ryann's Creep Show پیش 16 روز
Mr. Sausage knows, Babish
Katelyn Nicolee
Katelyn Nicolee پیش 16 روز
Did babish just make Popeyes biscuits?
Aaron Prinz
Aaron Prinz پیش 16 روز
Fight him badging with bimbish
Lucke9000 پیش 16 روز
Anyone know the name of the first song? Not the intro, but the one in the background when he starts with the biscuits?
Better Dead Than Red
Better Dead Than Red پیش 17 روز
It’s time vanish
Jackson Steele
Jackson Steele پیش 18 روز
D-did babbish make an ordinary sausage reference?
Xav Lue
Xav Lue پیش 18 روز
Southerner here! Your biscuits looked so strange to me, but nice! My mother and I make biscuits with only all purpose flour, buttermilk, and crisco. They're very fluffy and kind of crumbly, we just eyeball the measurements so I'm sorry for not being able to tell you how much of each thing
Sterling and Regina Skouson
Scottish sausage maker, IRitem: Scott Rea. Really.
Antonia777fly پیش 20 روز
Totally impressed! Do you have your own restaurant?
Antonia777fly پیش 20 روز
Can I use almond milk? Thank you
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson پیش 17 روز
Lol no.
StreyX پیش 21 روز
I have those same towels from Amazon.
Catherine LW
Catherine LW پیش 22 روز
From the photo, those are not traditional American biscuits. No buttermilk or butter in them. Not round. Ugh.
Evan Miller
Evan Miller پیش 22 روز
You’re from West Virginia and you don’t like biscuits and gravy, you’re not a true West Virginian
Golden Dash
Golden Dash پیش 23 روز
Hey its bimbish
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres پیش 24 روز
No “Lets Sausage”, No Mark Ruffulo Score. This mans sausage skills are weak.
Chris Resnikoff
Chris Resnikoff پیش 24 روز
You'd think that after like fifteen years of IRitem, Brits would've figured out what B 'n G is.
Cpl Saft
Cpl Saft پیش 25 روز
Can u please do SOS
Noob Trollington
Noob Trollington پیش 25 روز
The thing I like about Babish's recipe is that he always tell you that you can add more spices or an ingredient you like depending on your references.
bib پیش 26 روز
the mr sausage callout is at abt 3:00 for anyone looking
Shinoburr پیش 27 روز
Okay badging with bimbish
lol پیش 27 روز
we need a new show called "Biscuits with Babish"
Cole Evans
Cole Evans پیش 27 روز
Made this one today thanks Babish
Kohen پیش 27 روز
This guy doesn't know what he has gotten himself into
Akshay P S
Akshay P S پیش 27 روز
Bongging bish shish dosent know stuff about sausage
Amanda Cobb
Amanda Cobb پیش 28 روز
I’m sorry, but those are not biscuits, they are round and square dense, if flaky, hockey pucks. The biscuits need to be at least 3 inches tall, pillowy, not flaky, and almost sweet. No baking soda and add some shortening! You need two. The bottom halves receive the gravy and the top halves are gifted with butter and jam. But, respect to you on the homemade sausage.
Hunter Patterson
Hunter Patterson پیش 28 روز
Doubled the recipe. Made a fire breakfast. Clean plate clubs all around
dfsds sszdfs
dfsds sszdfs پیش ماه
The halting kick seemingly mine because anthony unintentionally pull into a various factory. wide, future futuristic ptarmigan
Fleeting Self Confidence
ive never heard of this before is this a normal thing y'all eat in america?
Fleeting Self Confidence
Fleeting Self Confidence پیش 10 روز
@Craig Robertson that sounds... kinda racist
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson پیش 17 روز
In Real America it is. Not too common in multi-cultural hellholes like the west coast.
Knuckles 54
Knuckles 54 پیش ماه
An yes he has finally mentioned father sausge
Julius Witherspoon
Julius Witherspoon پیش ماه
This is what I'd wake up to if I wasn't worried about my health....
The Lizard Machine
The Lizard Machine پیش ماه
I'm an Englishman. I spent two weeks in Texas in 2005 staying at my Uncle's house near Dallas. We had a road trip down to San Antonio. I barely remember the Alamo but I've never forgotten the hotel breakfast of biscuits and gravy. They were delicious!
G Farious
G Farious پیش ماه
Saw the clip from ordinary sausage and had to come to see for myself. Amazing
Natalie Spencer
Natalie Spencer پیش ماه
Eater's boys in 'Prime Time' has the sausage and the mustache.
Alan wolf
Alan wolf پیش ماه
Amanda Bushee
Amanda Bushee پیش ماه
Umm ya might want to check out scott rea channel.. may not make sausage out of everything but does a whole lot of nose to tail stuff.. also uses a whole lot of game, organs and old school things too..
Sydney Gatti
Sydney Gatti پیش ماه
I cant. I have to say something. Only southern style biscuits are worthy of sausage gravy. Those biscuits are on the pathetic side, sir. lol
Doggo borkington
Doggo borkington پیش ماه
your sausage is a disgrace to our lord
Roskilde پیش ماه
It's minced meat no? And then you made kotletai no? Confused Eastern European noises
Faris Weiss
Faris Weiss پیش ماه
0:15 music?
Ignacio Segura
Ignacio Segura پیش ماه
So, would anyone please be kind enough to point me in the direction of whoever Babish was referencing with that dig about making sausage out of anything and everything?
Pheonix پیش ماه
Ordinary Sausage I believe
Strange Cyanide
Strange Cyanide پیش ماه
When he said the stuff about ordinary sausage i heard a faint "leeeeeetttttsss ssaasage" in the background
calvin willis
calvin willis پیش ماه
3:01 we need to find this man
Pheonix پیش ماه
Look up Ordinary Sausage
kkaebsong yeet
kkaebsong yeet پیش ماه
Those "biscuits" look like scones
nick james
nick james پیش ماه
This channel is the only reason I was able to pronounce homogeneous in science classes
Cpt.Burnzairo پیش ماه
Come on bimbish you have to do a video with the man whose channel does not exist
karni D
karni D پیش ماه
"Ya know I wish there was a IRitem channel with a guy that makes sausage out of anything and everything maybe with a mustache and a voice like Peter Griffin but sadly no such IRitem channel exists" wehehehellll I guess you've never heard of rule number 34?! Give it a few more months if not weeks my friend!
Danz McNabb
Danz McNabb پیش ماه
When you and Mr Sausage finally throw down I hope Mythical Chef Josh hosts you, followed by a special Will It Sausage episode of GMM
Szhigat پیش ماه
how could you do Mr. Sausage like that
Jake پیش ماه
I wish I could have seen this video, but your blinding head prevented me from doing so. Case your sausage, Bibish.
Mary Smith
Mary Smith پیش ماه
Your biscuits are just sad. They should be at least twice that high. Yours look dry and crispy. Just sad. And the gravy? There should not be pink bits. Jesus. Buy a southern cookbook.
The Magic Pootis Bird
The Magic Pootis Bird پیش ماه
Time to get the sausage mob
Willy Nymbus
Willy Nymbus پیش ماه
Bapping with Boppish.
APEX پیش ماه
Whats the song in the intro?
Ram Jam
Ram Jam پیش ماه
MASHMALO پیش ماه
Emanuel Lopez
Emanuel Lopez پیش ماه
Im suprised a colinary youtuber hasnt heard of the youtuber ordinary sausage. He makes suasages out of anything and everything. Sounds like peter griffin too oddly enough. Maybe i commented too soon and he knows.
Tomigumibumi پیش ماه
I never seen or heard about this dish.
Let's get Moist
Let's get Moist پیش ماه
You need to do a mash up with Gordon ramsay!!!
BillVol پیش ماه
I have a friend from South Africa, world traveler, who lives next door to us in the USA. I asked her what her favorite American food is. Burger? Hot dog? BBQ? She said, "Please, that is easy. Sausage gravy and biscuits."
Richard Yanez
Richard Yanez پیش ماه
So peter sausage griffin vs banging with boomboom is official
AceMercer AMV
AceMercer AMV پیش ماه
3:01 - 5:11
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts پیش ماه
As an Australian. This dish in itself is weird to me. Especially when we associate our bikkies with tea 😂😅
Harrison1860 پیش ماه
Your biscuit cutter was waaaaay too dull the biscuits didn't rise enough
Archduke Bacon Von Cheeseburger
Your biscuit cutter looks like it came from the exhaust vent aisle in home depot.
Dajiyah Mcae
Dajiyah Mcae پیش ماه
As someone who lives in the south, this thumbnail offended and excited me all at once
Laben Venci
Laben Venci پیش ماه
G-Unit1111 پیش ماه
Anyone know what that giant blade that Babish uses to cut the biscuits with is or is called? I want to get one and I tried searching for it on Amazon and couldn't find it.
Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson پیش ماه
I cannot tell you how bizarre the term "biscuits and gravy" sounds to british people... 😂
Please Respond
Please Respond پیش ماه
Babish: "per pound" Me, living in a normal country with normal measurements: Ah yes... per 453 grams... protip: if you make 4.5kg of sausage you can just multiply the measurement by 10 and end up with slightly spicier sausage than prescribed. Or just do it per half kg and add a little bit extra. You are after all the John Wilkins of your sausage spice mix-ins.
White_boy_billy پیش ماه
How dare you insult our sausage lord
Ging پیش ماه
So uhhh when are you doing a collab video with ordinary sausage? 🤪
K Francks
K Francks پیش ماه
Id give this episode..... 5 Mark Ruffalo's!
sketch drawn
sketch drawn پیش ماه
Grating butter... I think I found a new topping
thisismenotgivingafu پیش ماه
This dude salty cause a guy with a mustache and a meat grinder took his top spot
Deepanjan Chakraborty
Deepanjan Chakraborty پیش ماه
You forgot the hair😂
Jojoban69 پیش ماه
3:00 for anyone who came to find the Ordinary Sausage reference
liv duke
liv duke پیش ماه
Flakey AF Buttermilk Biscuits
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